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Products > HIFU > HIFU Machine > Radar Wrinkle Removal Facial Lifting Machine
Radar Wrinkle Removal Facial Lifting Machine
Product name : Radar Wrinkle Removal Facial Lifting Machine
Product No. : EB-V5
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Radar Wrinkle Removal Machine


Wrinkle removal,facial lifting,anti-aging

Working Theory:

Taking advantage of the good tissue penetration of mechanical radar waves, the machine accurately delivers thermal energy of 65 degrees to the skin's SMAS layer (approximately 3.5mm- 4.5mm), effectively stimulates fibroblasts to divide new cells at 40 times per second, dissolves facial Fat cells, tightens the contours of the skin, repairs damaged fibrous tissue, stimulates the regeneration of collagen cells, to quickly achieve the effects of facial lifting, facial slimming, and facial wrinkle removal. At the same time, the precise positioning of radar waves can actively identify fat cells,deliver the treatment directly to targeted depth through a unique probe, so that patients do not feel pain.

Treatment Handles:


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