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7 in 1 Facial Deep Cleaning+Micro Dermabrasion+Skin Analyzer


7 in 1 Facial Deep Cleaning+Micro Dermabrasion+Skin Analyzer

Product No.:EB-O1-1

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7 in 1 Facial Deep Cleaning+Micro Dermabrasion+Skin Analyzer

Nano-level micro dermabrasion, through vacuum negative pressure technology, directly act on the skin through the specially designed small spiral shampoo to deeply clean the skin, remove aging keratinocytes, remove cortical blackheads, and clear various magazines of the funnel of hair follicles. and grease residues. At the same time, the funnel of the hair follicle is filled with nutrients, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny.

7 systems of hydra facial machine:
(1) Panoramic optical intelligent skin analyzer system:
It adopts hemispherical panoramic advanced design and is ergonomic. 24-megapixel macro camera, one shot can be completed in 8-12 seconds, 3-spectrum (epidermal layer, layer, UV light) high-definition camera, large-area camera, effectively reach deep skin problems, high-resolution and high-definition diagnosis, eight latitudes Accurately analyze skin problems. A high-definition interface (USB) is used to connect the camera to take pictures, and the camera interface can be used interchangeably front and back (selected according to customer usage habits).

Test items (skin color analysis, water and oil balance, fine line analysis, inflammation analysis, stain analysis, pore analysis).
(2) High-frequency skin peeling handle: remove dead skin and blackheads at high frequency
(3) Gold radio frequency handle: fade wrinkles, tighten skin, and promote collagen regeneration
(4) Micro dermabrasion handle: nano atomization, penetrating into the skin
(5) Ice-sealed cooling head: hydrating and locking water, soothing and repairing
(6) Oxygen spraying handle: deep cleaning, remove blackheads and acne
(7) Ultrasound handle: high frequency introduction, rapid absorption

Advantage of hydra facial:
1. The instrument comes with a tablet detection system, which can be used after the tablet is powered on and can be operated through the interface.
The screen is available in 12 languages: Chinese, English, Russian, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Turkish.
2. The micro dermabrasion handle adds a hot bubble function with adjustable temperature (5-70 degrees). There are 9 specifications of suction pen tips: 3 plastic flat tips (2 with frosted), 3 oblique tips, and 3 silicone tips.
3. The oxygen spraying handle  is upgraded to a rose gold nozzle. In order to meet customer requirements, the nozzle can be turned left and right to adjust the atomization size, and the internal air pump is strengthened and enlarged.
4. The skin peeling handle optimizes the handle sound, the sound becomes smaller, the frequency remains unchanged, the effect is good, and the experience is good.

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