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Products > HIFU > > Radiofrequency RF Vaginal tightening machine
Radiofrequency RF Vaginal tightening machine
Product name : Radiofrequency RF Vaginal tightening machine
Product No. : EB-R1
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 Radiofrequency RF Vaginal tightening machine
It is an advanced private RF instrument, the core of its application is intelligent temperature-controlled RF conduction technology, which is applied to the beautification of labia and vaginal tightening. It provides a safe and effective anti-aging project with very high comfort for woman which is non-surgical, no anesthesia, no recovery period, no pain, no scars.
Working Theory
The private vagina tightening machine is an instrument with intelligent temperature-controlled function that can conduct simultaneous real numbers on the vagina and the vulva and labia through radio frequency conduction. "Internal" is to activate the regeneration of collagen proteins through warm and thermal effects to achieve 360 degree vaginal tightening,to increase vaginal humidity, and treat the problem of urinary osmotic. "Outside" is also through radio frequency technology to accelerate local blood circulation while restructuring damaged neurons,so that the labia that has become longer and looser will be brought to the original  position ,increase sensitivity, increase the softness of skin and reduce wrinkles. Therefore the vulva is moist, compact and tender as before.
(1)Improving the tightness of vaginal: Tightening the entire vulva region, from the labia majora to the entire internal vagina. Both the patient and her partner can detect a significant improvement in firmness.
(2)Improving the appearance of the labia: The skin of the external genital area is tightened and smoothed to improve its appearance.
(3)Increasing vaginal discharge: Increasing blood flow through zero-hormone therapy to eliminate dryness, restore nerve signaling transmission and improve lubrication.
(4)Improving sexual function: Improving women's and their partners' sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity of orgasm and contraction of muscle.
(5)Reducing stressful urinary incontinence: Reducing urinary leakage accidents by strengthening pelvic muscle tissue and helping treat mild to moderate stressful urinary incontinence.

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